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Expand QuickScreen 3

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Expand QuickScreen 3:

Choose a color to match your image - it is available in seven different colors. The Expand QuickScreen 3 has an attractive and unique design which adds an extra dimension of exclusivity and strengthens the impact of your message. When your image needs to be altered, it can easily be replaced by a new one with our patented removable graphic cassette. The new telescopic pole allows for flexibility in the height of your message.

  • Available in 7 colors - choose one to match your image
  • Unique shape and design
  • Patented removable graphic cassette
  • No support foot needed

Width: 33 7/16" 
Height: Adjustable Between 63" - 88 5/8"


Choose a color to match your image - Expand Quickscreen 3 is available in seven different colors:
Amber, Green, Transparent (clear), Red, Grey, Blue and Chrome.

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